Schnits & Fahrts

Guten tag! Or as Raffi may now say, GLUTEN tag!


The German (Deutsch) language is proving to be a pretty great source of entertainment for us.  Our inner 12 year old’s come out a lot when we see words like schmuck (jewelry) and fahrt  (drive). We also get a little confused when we’re given a tube of estrogen for breakfast (?).

img_20160912_171229 20160912_095506

The Austrian way to say Vienna is “Wien” – so whenever you see Wiener and/or Wiener World (restaurant, true story), it really just means Viennese (not, ya know, peepee’s… #12yearsold)

Today we learned virtual tours are silly. We had lovely semi-local tour guides today with good intentions, but looking at things on a screen when the real thing is right outside doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Like this:


New wedding venue

And this:


And this:


I really miss my Irish way of touring – aka getting adopted by a local family and living with them in the foothills. I’m telling you there is really no better way to truly experience a new country. Well that and aimlessly wandering and the streets until you’re semi lost…check!

Anyhoo – all was forgiven when we were taken to Figlmüllers for dinner – the greatest schnitzel house in all of Austria (that may be a stretch).  Speaking of stretching, I am fairly confident all of our waistlines stretched a bit post schnitzel. We regret nothing.


Every Austrian menu has a mandatory allergen declaration statement beside each item. So if a menu item contains any of the 14 allergens listed below, a small corresponding letter will be beside the item name on the menu. Even though gluten isn’t an issue for Raffi anymore (hallelujah) this would have come in super handy if it were. I’m always a fan of transparency with food!


It’s now 1AM and we are both still wide awake. Not sure if it’s the jet lag, or the Austrian coffee’s we had after dinner. Time to watch some German Simpsons and attempt to fall asleep.

Signing off with some beautiful Austrian streets


Gute Nacht!



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