Apfels in Austria

…Guess who’s baaaaaaack!??!?

Except this time I’m in Austria, with my family, and not living on a farm.

Even though I am doing this travel thing the old fashioned way this time around, I still hate to stand out as a tourist, so we did our best to disguise ourselves as locals in attempt to fit in.

Don’t all Austrians sport Arnold-wear?

We had an easy flight and got into Vienna around 9AM Vienna time (3AM Toronto time) with about 2-3 hours of partial airplane sleep under our belts. We had a gute fahrt (good ride) to our hotel where we were wilkommen (welcomed) by a friendly Austrian lady who says ‘cool’ funny – KUUULE. Despite my best efforts to learn the language (3 days with an app) I don’t think I have quiiiiiite mastered it yet.

Our hotel is lovely – super cute, super boutique AND you can learn to do the time warp in the hall. #Bonus!

20160911_041248 20160911_131002
                                                                                           It’s just a jump to the left

We have wasted no time jumping in and trying the native Austrian cuisine. On our afternoon wander we stopped at a sweet little café for some much needed caffeine and Apfelstrudle (Apple Strudle). If you ever wanted to see what two zombies eating a strudel looks like, well…today is your lucky day.


For those of you not in the know, Raffi has been recently cleared of his gluten allergy (it’s a long story) and he has been making up for the past 7 years of a super strict gluten free diet.  Beer and bratwurst? He’ll have 7 of each, please! #locals

20160911_135230  20160911_115207

We’re saving the schnitzel for tomorrow night as my dad has promised to take us to the best schnitzel place in all of Austria. Or something.

Tonight we spent the evening wandering around Vienna taking in the beautiful sights and the history.

20160911_131817_hdr 20160911_192010_burst01


Still no sightings of the Von Trapp family but perhaps tomorrow we’ll run into them.

Now we are back in our room just having returned from dinner – I’m writing to you friends, and Raffi is attempting to watch WWE in German (duh).

Stay tuned for what adventures tomorrow will bring, goodnight!



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