Day 17 – Dublin (2) & Farewell

It’s official – I am SO glad I decided to come and spend some time in Dublin before heading home. What a fun day of exploring, food, folklore, and…yeah basically a whole ton of stuff.

20150519_191626 20150519_125723~2

I went to SO much trouble last night to meticulously map out my routes for today, since I maaaaaay have a bit of a history of getting myself lost. However, because this is me we are talking about,  not even after having taken 10 steps I decide that maps confuse me and I’m just going to wing it and hope for the best. Honestly though, this is the best method for actually exploring. It really forces you to learn your way around and before long I was navigating Dublin City like a pro.

20150519_091806~2 20150519_092728~2

My first stop was the incredible St Patrick’s cathedral.


Entry + guided tour was only about 6 euros. Remember the time St Patrick wasn’t even Irish? And that he didn’t actually drive any snakes out of Ireland, because “snakes” are just a metaphor for evil? I love guided tours!

20150519_101851~2 20150519_102145~2 20150519_102507~2 20150519_100221 20150519_102943~2

Next up I sort of stumbled upon Dublin castle so I popped in to tour that as well.

20150519_092803~2 20150519_092843_HDR~2

I won’t lie, other than being architecturally magnificent and brimming with all kinds of wonderful history, this tour kind of lost me so I can’t really tell you much about it.

20150519_111935~2 20150519_112143~2

I spent the next hour or two just wandering around Temple Bar. Now, although there is an actual Temple BAR (within Temple Bar) – Temple Bar is a section of Dublin (one of the oldest parts of Dublin). Dublin itself is said to have been born in and around Temple Bar and it is now a super lively tourist hot spot with all kinds of pubs, shops, restaurants, clubs, etc etc etc. It’s a hoot! There is always something happening around every corner. Apparently there is a farmers market type dealie on the weekends, so I’m pretty bummed I missed that.

20150519_114929~2 20150519_120102 20150519_191338_HDR 20150519_092217_HDR~2

I stopped in for some lunch at one of the many pubs and ordered a chicken, goat cheese and sun dried tomato salad.



I know.

Next up I made my way to the National Leprechaun Museum. This wasn’t really a museum, but more like a fun guided tour through a fictional land of leprechauns and fairies with stories and legends being told by the guide. It was so fun! Fairies now terrify me. I hope they do not see me writing this, or I am in big trouble (thou shalt not speak negatively about the “she”). Apparently people in Ireland are still incredibly superstitious about fairies. Most farmers will not touch a “fairy fort” or a “fairy tree” if it’s on their land for fear of upsetting them, and then all kinds of super sadistic messed up hell breaks loose. I wish I knew this when I was in Schull, I’d love to ask Rob his thoughts on fairies!


I enjoyed my final dinner in Ireland at a pub in Temple Bar with a jaunty Irish band playing fun Irish music. I was going to go for the seafood salad…but instead opted for the Irish (lamb) stew. The diet starts when I get home!


Now I’m just relaxing in my room, trying to convince myself to pack and get organized for my flight tomorrow.

To everyone reading this, thank you all for joining me on this adventure! It has truly been the most incredible experience and I’m happy to have been able to share some of it with you!

And Ireland, what can I say except… I’ve had, the time of my life… and I owe it all to you!


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